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What is a Responsive Website?

The screen shot shows the about page alternating between mobile and desktop display. A design is mobile friendly or 'responsive' - if it adjusts to the device screen width, with the text remaining readable and with easy to use navigation.

Website Design £39

A single page site design costs £39 for both responsive (mobile friendly) and fixed width designs. Responsive is superior in general but may not be suitable for pages with large detailed images.

How does the design process work? A draft design is produced for you to view based on your material and your comments. Optionally specify text fonts, colours and more. If a design is not what you want, give guidance on the effect(s) you want to achieve to have further draft designs. For a single page website, the website design charges are due only when you accept the design, not in advance.

Quickly Online: You supply by email the text and photos that you want online. If you want audio and/or video I can embed You tube clips into the page. You must supply only material that is your property or used with permission of the owner.

I am not VAT registered, all prices quoted on this website are what you pay.

Graphic Design

The single page website design package includes simple graphic design. Your images can be re-sized, trimmed, colour adjusted, converted to different formats, rotated, inverted or mirrored. The package also includes creating simple graphics like: pointer arrows, wallpaper background tiles, favourite bar icons and so on.

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