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How much do you charge to design a single page website?

Answer: I keep to the prices shown on the website design page. To get confirmation simply send the material you want to put online. Under some circumstances I will decline, for example if:
  • Your material is illegal, pornographic or potentially offensive.
  • You ask for an extremely large amount of material to be put on your single page.

I have already purchased my domain name. Can you do the design only or design and host without the domain name registration?

Answer: Design only and design and host domain name servers (DNS) options are available. However these options may mean you need to contact your existing supplier to get information on setting up FTP access or pointing your Domain Name Servers to a different host.

Can you change the DNS/FTP/other settings of my current hosting control panel/account?

Answer: Yes, if you can supply a password, a user/account name and a link. I charge £27 per hour for this, with a maximum charge of 1 hour usually less. If for some reason I can't help, no charge.

Will the design you produce for me work on mobiles, tablets and desktops?

Answer: This is always my aim, but it depends on the material you want to publish. For example large and detailed photos can cause problems, contact me to talk about this for more information.

Can you help me write the text for my page?

Answer: Help, yes. But you are the expert on what you do and what your potential website visitors want. Think about it, write it up then email it to me. I can make suggestions, perhaps amend your text but not write it from scratch.

I want my website just like www...

Answer: Sorry no copies, but happy to produce a new design layout to give a similar effect.

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