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Website maintenance is entirely optional, if you don't need to change your website you don't need maintenance. If you do want to make changes, you have the following options:

  • Pre paid maintenance £17 for 30 minutes & £27 for one hour. There is no time limit on using these, I would only ask for more when you use up all your time and ask for a further amendment.
  • DIY - FTP access available for a £16 pa charge (paid with your hosting). I advise you only to consider this option if you have some knowledge of HTML and FTP.

Expandable Websites

Websites are expandable: add extra text or sections to your one page site, additional graphics, extra pages, motion effects (dynamic html), links and extra email addresses. These can all be added to an existing website.

3rd party add ons

3rd party add ons: youtube videos, facebook, paypal, maps, hotel booking, twitter ... can all be added to your single page. On some items you may need to log on to your account and email me the html code.

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