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Promoting your Website

Its good sense for anyone with a website to promote their own website. How much you do depends on the time you have but remember to get a link to your website where you can.

Its not only the direct visitors who use the link but search engines see a link as an indication of popularity, links to your site can help improve your websites position in the search engine listings.

There are all sorts of options so try a search and look for ideas. Some suggestions to get you started, many of these are free too:

  • Social Media: facebook, twitter, youtube & others. You can have a business facebook account as well.
  • Blogs:, & others.
  • Sell Direct: place a advert for your business, product or service -,, google adwords & others.
  • Forums: discussions websites - google forums & others.
  • Maps: google my business, bing places for businesses.
  • Directories: worldwide, country specific, specialist by region/city & specialist by topic/industry -, and many more.

Want help with Promotion?

Many start-ups want a kick start to get their websites business going quickly. If you don't have time or simply want someone who has done it before to help, it costs £20 per hour for promotion, some examples:

  • Set up and maintain Facebook business accounts
  • Set-up and maintain a Blog
  • Set-up Google/Bing Businesses &/or embed a map on your website
  • Set up entries to UK/Regional and other free directories. After the links are set-up you are sent the linked website addresses and if applicable the account login and password information to those sites.
  • Set-up and maintain Google/Bing advertising for you. Do note that the Google and Bing charges will be an extra cost.

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